Trade Agreement Canada and Egypt

The trade agreement between Canada and Egypt has been the topic of recent discussions due to the potential benefits it could bring to both countries. Negotiations for a free trade agreement between Canada and Egypt began in 2015, with Canadian officials aiming to expand their country`s presence in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Why a Trade Agreement?

The trade agreement between Canada and Egypt would eliminate tariffs on numerous goods and services, making trade between the two countries more accessible and profitable. It would also expand investment opportunities and allow for the free movement of goods and services, boosting economic growth in both countries.

The agreement would also create a more stable and predictable business environment for Canadian and Egyptian companies, increasing certainty in trade between the two countries. It could also potentially lead to the creation of new jobs, as businesses take advantage of the increased trade opportunities.

Benefits for Canada:

Canada has a lot to gain from a trade agreement with Egypt. Canada is already a significant trading partner with other countries in the Middle East, but this agreement would allow them to expand their reach further. Canada is a major exporter of wheat, lentils, and other agricultural products, which Egypt has a high demand for.

The agreement would also allow Canadian companies to take advantage of investment opportunities in Egypt`s growing economy. As one of the largest economies in Africa and the Middle East, Egypt presents many opportunities for Canadian companies to expand their businesses.

Benefits for Egypt:

Egypt would also benefit significantly from a trade agreement with Canada. Canada is a major importer of Egyptian goods, particularly textiles and apparel, and this agreement would ensure that these goods could enter Canada tariff-free. This would increase the competitiveness of these products in the Canadian market, leading to the potential for increased sales and revenue for Egyptian companies.

The agreement would also boost investment in Egypt`s economy. By opening up opportunities for Canadian companies to invest in Egypt, the country could see an increase in foreign direct investment, leading to new job opportunities and economic growth.


Overall, a trade agreement between Canada and Egypt would be beneficial for both countries. The opening up of new markets and trade opportunities would lead to increased economic growth, investment, and job creation. The agreement would also foster stronger relationships between the two countries, allowing for continued cooperation in areas beyond trade.

As Canada and Egypt continue their negotiations, it will be interesting to see what kind of trade agreement they come up with and the impact it will have on their respective economies.